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About Us

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Welcome to GSM Extrusion
GSM, as a professional supplier of the plastic extrusion machinery in China, we have more than ten years experience in this field, offers reliable, competitive and turn-key plastic extrusion machinery and equipment
After these years of accumulated technology and product innovation, with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, strict management and our know-how for the extrusion lines, we have wide range of domestic and international customer base and good reputation in the market. So far, our products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, South America, Russia, India, Middle east, Brazil, and other countries.
Honesty and quality is most important for us, we dedicate the quality control of purchase, production, quality testing, marketing, and after sale service. So that we could satisfy the demand of our customers and ensure GSM Company can be your reliable business partner.
We believe: Truly partner winning together!